Products For Diabetic Children

Emergency Glucose TabletDiabetes strikes at any age. But one type of diabetes is particularly notorious towards very young patients. It’s called juvenile diabetes. Although juvenile diabetes is not exclusive among children, it’s relatively high prevalence in the younger population make it a root of concern for parents whose children were diagnosed with this chronic, insulin-dependent condition. There are many things that a child with juvenile diabetes needs. Some of them are discussed below:

Blood glucose meter or glucometer – The first and one that should be at the top of your list of priorities is the glucometer. This is a portable device that measures the glucose levels in the blood of the patient. You don’t normally have to pay a high price to get this device since manufacturers sell these at a very low price. Also, many insurance companies provide coverage for this device. When considering a particular brand or model, it is best to first check the price and availability of compatible test strips. This is because these strips usually have a huge cut on the expenses incurred on monitoring blood glucose levels. Test strips are usually priced at $1 per piece, but it is not uncommon to find 50 cent per piece strips.

Insulin pen – An insulin pen is a portable insulin delivery system that looks very much like a regular pen. This injects controlled doses of insulin into the bloodstream without the need for a health care personnel’s assistance. There are two types of insulin pens: the pre-filled pen and the durable pen. The former is a disposable pen that contains pre-mixed insulin and the latter is a pen that only needs cartridge replacements. There is, however, a new type of insulin pen that has built-in memory. This can contain up to a hundred values which should make recording of time, date and insulin dosage easier for the user.

Emergency glucose tablet – This diabetic product for children is one way of controlling insulin reaction. Whereas adults use candy and other sweets, diabetic children are administered with emergency glucose tablets that deliver precise amounts of glucose into the bloodstream to normalize blood glucose levels. Although a lot of people see these as candy substitutes, these do not look candy at all so parents and teachers will not have any problem with missing glucose tablets.

Insulin pump – Otherwise known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy, an insulin pump is a medical device that is used to administer insulin to treat symptoms of diabetes mellitus. This device comprises of a pump, a disposable reservoir that is attached inside the pump, and a disposable infusion set. Taking the price out of the equation, an insulin pump is a good alternative to daily injections of insulin using injections products since it makes a person do away with multiple insulin injections. When used alongside a carb counting device and a blood glucose monitoring device, this can make for an intensive insulin therapy.

Injection products – Many children run away from injection products like syringes and needles. This should not be the case, however. Parents should help condition their children’s thinking towards injection products.

Lancets and lancet devices – These are devices used to draw blood samples for blood glucose testing. The priority in choosing these products is to find those that could give the least discomfort to their users.

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